What you need to attend pregnancy massage courses

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What do I need to specialize in pregnancy massage?

What you need to attend pregnancy massage courses

The Cortiva Institute massage therapy school Seattle offers a solid program to prepare licensed massage therapists in the maternity and infant massage specialty certification. To register for the program, you must have completed at least 500 hours of massage therapy training. You must also have access to a computer and the Internet with a current email address. The Cortiva Institute Seattle has some online instruction and assignments, but more importantly instructors must be able to email students regarding program updates and possible schedule changes. During your training modules, you must also bring massage sheets, massage pillowcases, massage pillows, and unscented lotion. Other equipment, such as massage tables, are provided by Cortiva.

During the course of training, students participate in six modules. During modules 1,3, and 5, students invite a current client or other appropriate person to be their student client for examinations and hands-on training. At Cortiva, if you are an out of town student they will help you contact local women and families. There are required forms that your student client will have to fill out; these will come with your program welcome letter after you arrive. Each of the six modules has about eight hours of assignments required for receiving a passing grade, and each module is a prerequisite for the following module, so they must be done in order. Module assignments include reading, online quizzes, practical discussions and practice sessions.



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