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where can I find Massage therapy school locations

Massage therapy school locations

If you enjoy working and helping people heal and alleviate different kinds of pain, a career in massage therapy may be your key to a successful and rewarding future. If you have been wondering where you can find massage therapy school locations, consider that the Cortiva Institute has many nationwide locations. The facilities on campus at each location include classrooms, a Student Clinic, labs, and equipment training facilities. You can gain hands on experience in learning massage practice, as well as gain a strong understanding of the science and theory behind massage therapy. The school offers a well-balanced curriculum, integrating anatomy, physiology and pathology with massage theory, practice, and the study of interpersonal communication and professional foundations. Aside from learning massage therapy, you will complete your coursework with business basics that help you succeed as a professional, including ethics and accounting. This helps you define your career goals and understand the markets, so that you walk away with tools to establish your own practice or apply for jobs upon graduation.

Each of the Cortiva Institutes nationwide locations offers a unique experience that is consistent and wide-ranging throughout their facilities. Massage therapy school locations include: Chicago Massage School; Denver Massage School; New Jersey Massage School; Philadelphia Massage School; Phoenix Massage School; Arizona Massage School; Seattle Massage School; Tampa Massage School; Boston Massage School; King of Prussia Massage School. If you are interested in attending one of these schools, contact 1-866-CORTIVA.

What opportunities are there in massage therapist schools Boston?

Boston Massage Therapy School

Cortiva Institute's Boston Massage Therapy School has decades of experience in training professional massage therapists. This school offers a unique approach to becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner. The school focuses on personal empowerment and professional knowledge through a strong certification program that includes practical and clinical experience as well as scientific medical knowledge and theoretical foundations.

One of the reasons why this may be the massage therapist schools Boston area educational facility for you is the faculty. Inspirational teachers and unique learning processes create one of the best opportunities for becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner through the Cortiva Institute.

Another excellent point is the Student Clinic, which offers a hands-on approach to massage through clinical training and assessment to prepare students for real world community practices. If you are interested in taking advantage of the unique and comprehensive educational opportunities, contact the Boston area Massage Therapy School at 1-866-Cortiva.

What if I want to attend Florida Massage Therapy Schools?

Florida Massage Therapy Schools

Florida massage therapy schools like the Cortiva Institute offer entry level career training that includes relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques. The school has been open since 1981 and offers comprehensive courses in medical science, theory, and massage technique application.

The course involves a 750 hour program, where students receive training in Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Positional Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Myofascial Release Therapy. Thorough training in relaxation and therapeutic massage allows the graduates to pursue careers in a variety of health care and resort/spa settings.

The Florida massage therapy schools can assist you in deciding if you would enjoy a career in massage therapy by answering your questions. Admissions Representatives can walk you through the entire process and give you a campus tour—you can even sit in on a class in progress. This will help you understand what to expect while you attend the school and understand what your career as a massage therapist will encompass.

To enroll at the Cortiva Institute's Florida location, contact them to set up a visit at 1-866-CORTIVA. The admissions office can help arrange a visit so you can see the school, classroom environment, meet the staff and faculty, and have an experience that will help you decide on your future opportunities.

where can i find chicago massage schools?

Chicago Massage Schools

The Cortiva Institute offers the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, which is devoted to raising the bar in massage therapy education and career training. At these Chicago massage schools, the program offers a holistic and hands-on approach to massage. The courses are challenging, and the clinical work experience prepares you for a unique career path. This may mean working in a variety of places, including hospitals and health clubs, or running your own massage therapy clinic. The training and education programs prepare you for licensing exams and your own career.

At the Cortiva Institute, training covers three main areas of study in science, theory, and hands on experience. This includes learning the intricacies of anatomy, physiology, and pathology that are important to clinical practice in massage therapy. This includes learning body mechanics and how to take care of yourself throughout your career. They have an excellent Student Clinic and Community Outreach program that helps you understand and develop relationships with clients and the community so that you can have a lucrative career as a massage therapist. You can contact the Cortiva Institute for a free tour of classes at 1-866-CORTIVA.

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