What can I expect from certified personal trainer programs?

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What can I expect from certified personal trainer programs?

What can I expect from certified personal trainer programs?

Foremost, certified personal training programs should prepare you for the certified personal trainer exam at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). This means that you want to look for a certified personal training program that educates you on the theoretical foundations of personal trainer fitness and the applications towards building a client's fitness training program. Therefore, when looking at the various certified personal trainer programs, consider how the course applies theory into real world applications. For example, the Cortiva Institute's certified personal trainer program's course, Anatomy and Kinesiology, helps students understand the theoretical foundations of anatomy that are related to the movement of the body. This is backed up by real scientific education and hands on learning that directly relates the theory and science to the actual fitness activity.

It is also important to consider certified personal trainer programs that extend the fitness training education beyond exercise and nutrition to include administration, relationship building, regulations, and ethics. The Cortiva Institute offers certified personal trainer programs that focus on the administrative duties of a personal trainer, such as finding and selling fitness programs to clients. This also includes building relationships based on strong customer rapport and relationships. Students at the Cortiva Institutes certified personal trainer programs also learn about NASM's ethical guides, which are part of the certified personal trainer examination.



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