What are my prospects in a massage therapist jobs?

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What are my prospects in a massage therapist jobs?

What are my prospects in a massage therapist jobs?

Massage therapist jobs have high prospects, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it is important to remember that job prospects in massage therapy careers have the highest opportunities for persons who have completed massage therapy school at an accredited institute and have achieved State licensures. Not all states require licensure, but the states that don't require it often have the worst-paying jobs. This is because massage therapy is often paid for through employer or health insurance, and insurance companies require licensed massage therapists. Where there is no state licence requirement, there are no insurance-paid mandates, and thus fewer job opportunities. Accordingly, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the majority of states to begin requiring licensures as insurance companies and health providers increase the need for massage therapy careers. Therefore, whether you live in a State that require licensing or not, your best opportunity for current and future massage therapist jobs is to gain a solid education and prepare for licensures through a facility such as the Cortiva Institute to be well prepared for the field and its future.

As with many careers, massage therapist jobs commonly begin at the base and often part-time positions. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that in massage therapist careers, one builds clientele as you work for spas, hotels, hospitals, and physical therapy centers. This allows you to build a client base and referrals. Massage therapy careers are largely based on referrals to find new clients and maintain current clients, in the same manner hair dressers use word of mouth advertising to gain clients. However, as the client base grows, so does the opportunity for increased jobs and income.



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