Spa and Health Facility massage therapist jobs

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What are Spa and Health Facility massage therapist jobs like?

Spa and Health Facility massage therapist jobs

Massage therapist jobs in spa and health facilities are available for massage therapy graduates who have received the required State licenses. You can find out more about becoming a massage therapy graduate and gaining licensing at the Cortiva Institute. After you graduate, you will have many opportunities to start a massage therapist career. Spa and health facilities facilities are just one of the available positions in massage therapy jobs.

Holistic centers offer a variety of health and wellness options. These types of facilities often combine health spas, exercise and fitness areas, massage therapy, and other activities, like yoga classes. In these types of full service clinics, clients receive holistic well-being care. Massage therapist jobs in this type of facility can range from high to low incomes, part-time to full-time, and often receive gratuities.

Spas and recreational centers are a great source of massage therapist jobs. High end spas offer complete health packages which often include time with a massage therapist. The majority of spas have part-time massage therapist jobs and pay medium range salaries or hourly pay. Many massage therapist jobs in spas offer private contract positions, where the massage therapist is their own boss but operates within the spa. The massage therapist job can also include being on retainer, which allows the massage therapist to work as needed with a flexible schedule.



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