Health and fitness facilities massage therapist jobs after massage school

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What kind of massage therapist jobs are at health and fitness facilities?

Health and fitness facilities massage therapist jobs after massage school

After you graduate from massage school at an accredited facility such as the Cortiva Institute, you can begin a massage therapist career at health and fitness facilities nationwide. In fact, most health and fitness facilities will only hire a massage therapist who graduated from an accredited school and received the appropriate licensing.

Health clubs and fitness facilities offer many massage therapist job opportunities. As with any career, you will want to associate yourself with a well known and high-end health or fitness club when possible. However, the reality is that you may begin your career with a budget facility. Massage therapist careers do not have a traditional career ladder; it is your personality, experience, and professionalism that will move you from a budget health and fitness facility to a high-end facility if you choose to go this route. Also remember that most health and fitness facilities hire part-time, rather than full-time, so you may work for more than one facility at a time. It is important that during your career you build relationships with clients and facilities; this way if you choose to run your own massage therapy clinic you already have a strong customer foundation and experience in customer service.

Since you are more employable when employed, it is alright to begin with a budget facility, but to continuously apply for and build relationships with high end facilities. Massage therapy schools like Cortiva Institute can help you overcome the struggle of finding a lucrative massage therapist career in a facility that you are comfortable with and will enjoy working at through their job placement programs.



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