What is the Massage Therapist Certification Process??

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What is the certified massage therapist application process?

What is the Massage Therapist Certification Process??

Once you have completed your education at massage therapy colleges, such as the Cortiva Institute, and gained at minimum 500 classroom hours, you can apply to become a certified massage therapist. In many states you can not practice without this certification. In other states, you may practice without certification, but you may still want to become a certified massage therapist to increase your potential earnings.

In either case, you can apply to become a certified massage therapist through the NCBTMB application process, outlined here:

Retrieve the application form from www.ncbtmb.org, complete and sign the form. If you did not attend massage therapy colleges, you will need the Portfolio Review Application and Handbook for guidelines on how to apply. The Portfolio Review process is based on your experience as a massage therapist, without relying on massage therapy colleges, and is a review of your professional portfolio.

You must always include a notarized copy of your certificate or diploma as well as a photocopy of a State or federal identification card and a recent photograph. The photograph is so that the person giving the exam can recognize you. You must also submit a request to have your official transcript at massage therapy colleges sent to the NCBTMB. If you are applying based on your professional history, you must sign a release form for the facilities and experiences you have included.

Once you have mailed in your completed application form and supporting documents, you will be scheduled for an exam in 3-6 weeks. If you are attending massage therapy colleges, like the Cortiva Institute, they will help ensure that your examination application is complete and accurate.



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