How is the Massage Therapist Exam Scored?

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How is the certified massage therapist exam scored?

How is the Massage Therapist Exam Scored?

According to the NCBTMB, the certified massage therapist exam's passing score is determined by a systematic review of current practices in the field based on recommendations given to the NCBTMB Board of Directors by nationally certified massage therapists and bodywork professionals. Scoring is based on a scaled score, which is a transformed raw test score based on test performance. The test score scale allows for a frame of reference for the NCBTMB based on the amount of knowledge in each exam category that is necessary for being a certified massage therapist. The scores are scaled because this allows for a passing score to be consistent across exam categories, which removes the differentials of raw scores from exams, allowing for a uniform and easily understood scaled exam score.

While this may sound confusing, be assured that massage therapy colleges such as the Cortiva Institute will help you prepare for the exam. The scores are scaled from 100 (low fail) to 600 (high passing) with a score of at least 300 required to become a certified massage therapist. When you receive your score report from the certified massage therapist exam, you will not receive your numeric score. You will receive a PASS statement instead, and your score report will signify your passing score by that statement. However, if you fail the exam, you will receive a score report that includes a scaled score and the level of ability achieved in each area. This will help identify the areas in which you need further study before you retake the exam.



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