Massage School, Boston

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Where can I go to massage school in Boston?

Massage School, Boston

If you are interested in becoming a licensed massage therapist and want to attend massage therapy schools in Boston, consider the Cortiva Institute. The massage school Boston area has a strong foundation in the transformational power of therapeutic massages. This facility focuses on building relationships between faculty, students, and clients. The foundation of the school's paradigm is respecting the human body in all of its wondrous sizes, shapes and conditions.

The Cortiva Institute specializes in formulating a strong understanding of scientific medicine, combined with theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. With respect to the human body's ability to heal the self, careful sciences are applied to cultivate the intuitions necessary for a massage therapist to understand how to help clients feel healthy and comfortable. This will develop the skills and arts of massage techniques.

You can contact the Cortiva Institute Massage School, Boston at:

(617) 668-1000 Cortiva Institute - Boston



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