Florida Massage Therapy Schools

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What if I want to attend Florida Massage Therapy Schools?

Florida Massage Therapy Schools

Florida massage therapy schools like the Cortiva Institute offer entry level career training that includes relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques. The school has been open since 1981 and offers comprehensive courses in medical science, theory, and massage technique application.

The course involves a 750 hour program, where students receive training in Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Positional Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Myofascial Release Therapy. Thorough training in relaxation and therapeutic massage allows the graduates to pursue careers in a variety of health care and resort/spa settings.

The Florida massage therapy schools can assist you in deciding if you would enjoy a career in massage therapy by answering your questions. Admissions Representatives can walk you through the entire process and give you a campus tour—you can even sit in on a class in progress. This will help you understand what to expect while you attend the school and understand what your career as a massage therapist will encompass.

To enroll at the Cortiva Institute's Florida location, contact them to set up a visit at 1-866-CORTIVA. The admissions office can help arrange a visit so you can see the school, classroom environment, meet the staff and faculty, and have an experience that will help you decide on your future opportunities.



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