Massage therapy school locations

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where can I find Massage therapy school locations

Massage therapy school locations

If you enjoy working and helping people heal and alleviate different kinds of pain, a career in massage therapy may be your key to a successful and rewarding future. If you have been wondering where you can find massage therapy school locations, consider that the Cortiva Institute has many nationwide locations. The facilities on campus at each location include classrooms, a Student Clinic, labs, and equipment training facilities. You can gain hands on experience in learning massage practice, as well as gain a strong understanding of the science and theory behind massage therapy. The school offers a well-balanced curriculum, integrating anatomy, physiology and pathology with massage theory, practice, and the study of interpersonal communication and professional foundations. Aside from learning massage therapy, you will complete your coursework with business basics that help you succeed as a professional, including ethics and accounting. This helps you define your career goals and understand the markets, so that you walk away with tools to establish your own practice or apply for jobs upon graduation.

Each of the Cortiva Institutes nationwide locations offers a unique experience that is consistent and wide-ranging throughout their facilities. Massage therapy school locations include: Chicago Massage School; Denver Massage School; New Jersey Massage School; Philadelphia Massage School; Phoenix Massage School; Arizona Massage School; Seattle Massage School; Tampa Massage School; Boston Massage School; King of Prussia Massage School. If you are interested in attending one of these schools, contact 1-866-CORTIVA.



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