Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

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What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

These massage therapy techniques are based on the ability to apply various pressures in combination of movements, such as gliding, grasping, and friction. This is used to alleviate muscle spasms that occur along the back and spinal areas. Continuous pressure is applied for a short time with elbows, fingers, and knuckles. This pressure is maintained consistently for the time frame to encourage blood flow, which alleviates spasms. As blood flow increases, the body naturally removes built up lactic acid. This is because as the muscles move, lactic acid forms in the muscles, which causes soreness. The motions in the massage therapy techniques applied in neuromuscular therapy are designed to disperse the amount of lactic acid built up and allow for clean oxygen to flow into the muscles through the circulatory system.

The skills needed for a massage therapist wishing to specialize in this technique include an in depth understanding of muscular and back pain and the physiological causes of this pain. Furthermore, knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is imperative to prevent damage to the client. Importantly, massage therapists should understand the types of motions and pressures applied by the hands, fingers, and elbows and how the body reacts to these.

An accredited school of massage therapy, like the Cortiva Institute, will hold courses in anatomy and physiology that help build the understandings and knowledge necessary to prevent injury to the client and to promote the client's overall health and well being.



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