Deep Connective Tissue Massage

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what is the Deep Connective Tissue Massage?

Deep Connective Tissue Massage

The deep connective tissue massage technique is a concentrated and powerful massage that focuses on lessening the constriction of connective, or myofascial, tissue in the body. This may help break up underlying and surface scar tissue, as well as alleviate chronic stress. As the connective tissues are released, the body's range of motion, stability, flexibility, and posture are improved. Furthermore, the release of connective tissue tension also alleviates stress throughout the body and mind, which allows the body to find harmony. This type of massage technique may also restore flexibility and strength to the fibrous tissue surrounding the body's muscles and internal organs. This is because the pressure applied during the massage normalizes the tissues and improves the overall health of the connective tissues in the body.

Skills needed for a massage therapist who wants to specialize in deep connective tissue massage techniques include the ability to regulate the amount of pressure applied through the hands, fingertips, and elbows. The therapist must also be able to apply the strokes with variant intensities, often without massage oils or lotions (these reduce the intensity and friction, lessening the deep tissue impacts). The deep tissue massage is applied at a slow pace with higher pressure so that the therapist can impact deep muscles and tissues. It is important to remember that the deep tissue massage should not cause pain, so the therapist must be able to recognize and respond to the client's comfort level and needs. However, the massage is not as relaxing or comfortable as traditional massages.



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