Student Massage Therapy Clinics

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what are student massage therapy clinics?

Student Massage Therapy Clinics

In massage therapy clinics, a variety of skills are used to offer the best customer experience. Therapeutic massage bodywork is a personalized experience for the client. Practitioners are dedicated to supporting the client's optimum health and overall well-being, where the underlying paradigm is to work with the clients to increase their comfort and health.

Massage therapy clinics at a school of massage therapy, such as the Cortiva Institute, offer affordable relaxation therapy from students who have completed a proficiency exam along with a specified amount of classroom instruction. The faculty often provides consultation during the session as well as client session planning to help the massage therapy clinic's students provide effective massage techniques. Teaching clinics such as those at the Cortiva Institute offer a lower cost for the client, a teaching opportunity for the faculty, and hands-on learning for the student.

The skills needed for a massage therapist are the ability to learn and have a desire for a successful career that helps maintain health for clients. The students learn therapeutic solutions that help resolve muscle and joint pain, alleviate injuries and chronic pain, help stabilize posture and relieve stress. A massage therapist at a clinical setting would also have learned to develop comprehensive and personalized treatment plans with the client, thus they must be able to build strong relationships and communication skills.



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