Preparing for a position in massage therapy clinics

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How do I prepare for positions in massage therapy clinics

Preparing for a position in massage therapy clinics

An accredited school of massage therapy can help you prepare for a position in massage therapy clinics by helping you meet the requirements and skill outcomes that are necessary for this medical service. At the Cortiva Institute, for example, you would learn the proper body mechanics and sensory awareness necessary to perform massages. Furthermore, skills such as understanding massage table mechanics and draping techniques prepare you for working with clients. Theories such as Chakra, Chi, and Five Elements are part of Eastern medicine and help prepare you for applying different types of medical aid to meet individual needs. On the other side, Western medicine teaches organ structure, function, and nutrition, which helps you to complete client intakes and track client progress. You will also learn different types of massage approaches, including clinical massages, foundational massage, sports massage, relaxation therapy, pregnancy massage, myofascial therapy, and reflexology. Each massage approach is specifically tailored to the client's needs; therefore approaches in massage techniques are different based on the client's requirements. Understanding how to perform a client intake assessment is imperative to developing a treatment plan that will help the client. Working at a massage therapy clinic will require strong knowledge of supporting and maintaining client health and comfort during massage and bodywork services.



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