Working in Massage Therapy Clinics

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What is it like to work in massage therapy clinics?

Working in Massage Therapy Clinics

Working in massage therapy clinics can be a highly rewarding personal and professional experience. In the massage clinic, a massage therapist will meet with and discuss the client's needs. This is called the intake and assessment process. Nutrition, areas of pain, and emotional states are all important parts of the intake process. The intake process is followed by a treatment plan, which outlines the type of treatment the massage therapist recommends and the type of treatment the client will be comfortable with. Some clients are more comfortable with Asian medicine assessments and treatments, such as Chakra and Chi alignment. Others will be more comfortable with Western medicine that focuses more on the anatomy and physiology. Most clients would likely be comfortable with both forms of medicine. It is therefore important to discuss the treatment plan with the client and understand the clients comfort level.

After this the client's treatment at massage therapy clinics involves the client laying down on a massage table and the masseuse using table mechanics and draping techniques to keep the client comfortably positioned. The massage treatment is followed by an outtake process that allows the client time to relax and the masseuse time to evaluate the aftermath of the massage.

Before massaging a client, many therapists take extra time to take care of themselves through a moment of inner relaxation to prepare the mind and maintain calm. This is accompanied by (or followed by, depending on the personal preference) a minute of stretching the body and preparing the hands, arms, and fingers. Remember that the massage therapist must also take care of themselves before they can take care of clients!



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