Specialty certificate opportunities in pregnancy massage school.

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Why choose pregnancy massage school Washington?

Specialty certificate opportunities in pregnancy massage school.

Pregnancy massage specialization is an excellent opportunity for a certified massage therapist who has completed at least 500 hours of training to expand their skills, career opportunities, pride, and build community based relationships. The Cortiva massage school Washington can help those in the Pacific Northwest on a track to success.

You may want to choose the Cortiva Institute over other pregnancy massage certificate programs because of their strong affiliations. Cortiva is affiliated with DONA International's Birth Doula Training course. DONA is an association that specializes in training birth doulas, who are birthing companions that assist the pregnant woman through labor and birthing to offer emotional and physical support. Furthermore, Cortiva offers Infant Massage USA's Certified Educator of Infant Massage training within the pregnancy specialty program. Graduates of Cortiva's program are nationally recognized and receive Certificate of Completion as a Maternity and Infant Massage Specialist. The course also includes the opportunity to become a Certified Birth Doula with DONA International, which means that your skills are internationally recognized. Lastly, certification fulfills the requirements for certification through Infant Massage USA in Certified Educators of Infant Massage, which allows you will to hold workshops and train clients for infant massage, if you so choose.



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