Tips on registering for pregnancy massage specialty in Seattle massage school

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How do I get pregnancy specialization training at a Seattle massage school?

Tips on registering for pregnancy massage specialty in Seattle massage school

If you are interested in attending a training course for pregnancy massage therapy, consider the Cortiva Institute's Seattle massage school. For licensed massage therapists, those with at least 500 hours of massage therapy training, registration is easy and fast. You can register online at on the Continuing Education page. Click on the link to Maternity and Infant Massage program registration. After payment, you will be able to take the six modules for specialization within the ten month time limit. The module totals about 200 continuing education hours and includes 6 hours of ethical training that meets the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork requirements for continuing education credit.

Once you have completed the program on a pass/fail basis you will receive a certificate of achievement. This certifies you as a Maternity and Infant Massage Specialist. For health care professionals such as nurses and midwives the modules 2 and 5 count as 32 continuing education hours each.

The pregnancy massage therapy specialization modules at the Cortiva Institute are overseen by the Maternity and Infant Massage Program Advisory Board and its members, including instructors, nurses, and massage therapists nationwide. This board brings expertise in research and massage therapy education for maternity and infant care and ensures that the Maternity and Infant Massage Program at the Cortiva Institute is attuned to the national (and in some cases international) standards for practice.



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