Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy

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what are the benefits of Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy?

Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnancy massage therapy can be instrumental to prenatal care. Medical studies have shown that therapeutic massage can reduce anxiety and stress and lessen the symptoms of depression in pregnant women. Muscle aches and joint pains are relieved, as well. Theraputic massage can also improve the outcome of labor by preparing the body for the intense changes of birthing, which lessens the strain on both mother and child, thus improving newborn health.

Changing hormone levels during pregnancy cause stress and lower the body's ability to relax. The American Pregnancy Association recommends that therapeutic massages received bi-weekly can be a good, non-invasive way to regulate hormones that cause depression and stress. A therapeutic massage can also improve circulatory and heart health in pregnant women.

Swelling and edema of the joints or legs during pregnancy are due to reduced circulation and increased pressure on the circulatory system. Therapeutic massages and pregnancy will stimulate the muscle and fibrous tissues that become inflamed during pregnancy by reducing fluids collected in swelling joints and tissue, and improving circulation. This also helps to remove tissue waste through the body's lymphatic system as circulation is improved.

If you are interested in pregnancy massage therapy, either as a recipient or as a massage therapist, contact the Cortiva Institute where licensed professionals and classes are available.



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