Learning Pregnancy Massage Techniques

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what can I learn about Pregnancy Massage Techniques

Learning Pregnancy Massage Techniques

While taking courses at Cortiva Institute, you can learn how to care for the pregnant women that are in need of massage therapy. This includes understanding how to offer safe pregnancy massage techniques for each trimester. Safe and effective techniques include learning hands-on skills on positioning the client, draping the cloth, and massaging the pregnant woman's muscles, joints, appendages, and body. An important part of learning these techniques is to know the precautions that keep women healthy and comfortable during their pregnancy and labor.

Pregnancy massage techniques are an important part of wellness for expectant mothers. Learning how to apply these techniques effectively and safely through position and movements of the fingers, hands, and elbows can alleviate emotional and physical problems that occur during pregnancy, like the stretching of the uterus, an increase in circulatory problems, and severe changes in hormones.

Students of pregnancy massages learn prenatal, postpartum, and infant massage therapy. These techniques are taught in a way that allows for safe client care for both vaginal and cesarean births. The development of a thorough understanding in adapting positions based on client needs and medications is also imperative to learning pregnancy massage techniques.



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