Where to Study Pregnancy Massage

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Where to Study Pregnancy Massage?

Where to Study Pregnancy Massage

The Cortiva Institute has modules and workshops across the nation, so if you have been thinking about a career in the massage therapy field, consider Cortiva.

They have courses, like The Basics of Pregnancy Massage, that give the massage therapist the opportunity to massage a pregnant woman and teach the client positions for the safety of the mother during each trimester of pregnancy. This workshop acts as both an introductory and refresher course, allowing for students to experience safe and effective pregnancy massages. The Basics of Pregnancy Massage workshop is offered in Scottsdale and Tucson, Ariz., King of Prussia, Pa., Boston, Mass. and Chicago, Ill.

The Cortiva Institute also offers a 200-hour Maternity & Infant Massage Program, which is one of the most extensive pregnancy massage programs in the nation for massage therapists. This program includes pregnancy, postpartum, labor support, and infant massage therapy instruction with case studies, scientific evidence, and hands-on training to create skilled Maternity and Infant Massage Specialists. This course is offered in several different locations around the country.

The Cortiva Institute may be adding dates and locations near you, so check out their website at www.cortiva.com. You can also register quickly and easily for your courses at an accredited massage therapy school in your area.



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