Rotator Cuff Dysfunction Massage Techniques

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What sports massage can I learn at Arizona massage therapy school?

Rotator Cuff Dysfunction Massage Techniques

Clinical sports massages are important to maintain muscle, joint, and tissue health. At Cortiva's Arizona massage therapy school, several sports massage techniques are taught through the massage therapy course and continuing education. One common technique is the clinical sports massage for rotator cuff and shoulder dysfunction. This course is seven hours and geared towards practicing and licensed massage therapists.

As a continuing education course, the rotator cuff and shoulder dysfunction model allows the massage therapist to learn what causes and lessens pain in these areas. This includes knowledge in client assessment and treatment plans, and how to help the client promote self-care of the shoulder region. You will develop skills in orthopedic assessment, including the differences between active, passive, and resisted range of motion. You will also learn palpation assessment, which helps the massage therapist isolate the location and type of dysfunction.

The module places strong focus on the glenohumeral joint and rotator cuff muscular system. You will learn the probable causes and factors that contribute to rotator cuff shoulder dysfunction. Factors that contribute to dysfunction in the shoulder area include misalignment, muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction.

The ultimate goal is to develop clinical skills to apply to client related services. The massage therapist will learn effective application of sports massage techniques to ultimately reduce the pain that is due to rotator cuff dysfunction, and be able to help the athlete continue optimal function during sports and exercise.



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