Ankle Sprain Massage Techniques

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where can I learn ankle sprain massage techniques?

Ankle Sprain Massage Techniques

Ankle sprains are some of the most common sports injuries, and most massage therapists know how to deal with them. You can learn more advanced sports massage techniques for ankle sprains at Cortiva's massage school Tucson. This course focuses on the injuries that are specifically related to the ankle areas, which are common for athletes and the average person.

Continued education at Cortiva is composed of lectures, demonstration, and hands-on practice. This incorporates the anatomy of the ankle injury as well as ranges of motion and areas of pain. Discussions include understanding the activities that are common for ankle injuries and what signs and symptoms to look for. You will also learn how to form assessments through client communication and to determine if the massage therapist is able to address the injury or if further medical attention is required. The module teaches the massage techniques that are used to help promote healing for the injured ankle. The techniques that are generally appropriate for this course include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, soft tissue manipulation, lymphatic facilitation and muscle energy techniques. Corrective measures and techniques the client can do at home are also taught.



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