Sports massage therapy

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what can sports massage and therapy do for sports enthusiasts?

Sports massage therapy

Sports massage therapy can help the body maintain and improve conditioning for sporting events. A sports massage helps prevent injury to muscles and joints that can lead to loss of mobility and is especially helpful for restoring mobility to muscular tissue that has suffered strain or other injury. Massages also help athletes relax and stretch muscles, which boosts performance and reduces pain and stress on the body. The basic techniques used in sports massage are often similar to therapeutic massages, but focus on the muscle and tissue health. Furthermore, these techniques often apply more friction and deep pressure, which helps reduce build up of acids that inhibit muscular health. Other sports massage therapy techniques focus on reducing injury to reach the stage where the body's natural healing process takes over.

You can learn more about specializing in sports massage and therapy at an accredited massage therapist school like the Cortiva Institute.



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