The sport massage technique

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what are sport massage technique?

The sport massage technique

The sports massage technique is often applied at a deeper level of pressure. This allows for the muscle tissue to be manipulated effectively. The goal is to induce a deep state of relaxation for the client. There are some techniques that can be uncomfortable for the client, however. Some techniques are applied with strong thumb pressure, which allows the massage therapist to work deeper muscles, but can hurt in damaged areas, even if it is beneficial. In that kind of situation, the client needs to work not to tense up, and notify the therapist of the pain. Tension during the massage won't allow the massage to work. It is important to remember that if the sports massage techniques are causing the client to tense up, spasm, or wince with pain then the massage has gone beyond uncomfortable and should be stopped. At this time, it may be prudent to refer the client to a medical clinic as there may be underlying complications that the client assessment did not catch.



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