Sports Massage Training

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what is Sports Massage Training?

Sports Massage Training

Sports massage training will teach you how regular exercise increases general well being when done in moderation. However, for athletes who are continuously honing their skills, the physiological effects of hard training and continuous exercise can cause complications. As athletes condition their bodies, three main steps occur. Step 1 is the tearing down phase where the athlete pushes the body to its limits. Step 2 is the recover phase where the body rebuilds from Step 1. Step 3 is the build-up phase when the body begins to adapt and meet the new demands created by Step 1 & 2. What occurs as immediate muscle pain is usually from strain in Step 1. Delayed muscle pain occurs after a day or so and is usually noticed during Step 3, and is caused by reduced blood flow and increased waste products like lactic acid. Sports massage training teaches the massage therapist the techniques that overcome these common and painful issues that athletes face. Furthermore, massage therapists learn how to help clients prevent injury and maintain health.



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