Rehabilitation After Surgery

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What are the possible uses of massage therapy?

Rehabilitation After Surgery

One of the leading reasons why people have difficulty returning to normal physically after surgery is inactivity. Pain, stiffness and fear of aggravating incisions or damaging the area operated on can all cause people to play it safe following surgery.

A massage therapy program can help address these issues and return a patient to a normal and active lifestyle as quickly as possible. These treatments exercise the muscles in the surrounding area affected by the surgery, allowing the patient to steadily regain strength and range of motion while reducing risk of re-injury.

Athletes often start massage treatments as soon as possible following surgery to return to action quickly. The benefits of massage therapy in this area are proven. By increasing blood flow and re-energizing muscles, a patient can recover from surgery much faster than is possible without the treatment.

This is why massage therapists are being employed more and more at hospitals, sports and accident rehabilitation facilities, and by professional sports organizations. But it is not just post-operative athletes than can benefit from treatment. Massage therapy is often used to get your average patient back to enjoying everyday life without pain.



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