Pregnancy Massage

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What types of massage therapy are there?

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is one of the areas the Cortiva Institute trains its students in. This requires detailed knowledge of the anatomy of a pregnant woman, including safe positions and parts of the body that should not be massaged during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman can enjoy several benefits from this type of massage. For starters, it can help them relax during a time where stress can cause them more harm than usual. It can also provide relief of cramps, muscular discomfort and pain in the joints.

Walking around with the added weight from a pregnancy can irritate knees, hips and the lower back, so massage therapy can make it easier for a woman to get around and handle the extra weight. It can also reduce swelling common during pregnancy.

The healthier a mother-to-be remains throughout the pregnancy, the less likely she is to have intense labor pain. There are different types of massage therapy for many different situations, but pregnancy massage techniques are very specific for the safety of mother and child.



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