Thai Massage

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What types of massage therapy are there?

Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the many forms of treatment the Cortiva Institute educates its students in, and it is different from many other types of massage. This form of massage has origins that stretch back roughly 2,500 years. It is becoming more popular these days, thanks to the booming popularity of yoga. Thai massage is often referred to as Thai yoga massage.

This treatment consists of a person being placed in a sequence of stretches similar to yoga poses. The therapist uses their hands, feet and legs to move the client into these poses. The goal is to re-energize while increasing range of motion and flexibility. Not only do people use this method to regain mobility after an injury, surgery or experiencing stiffness, but they often use it as a way to generally increase their normal flexibility.

Thai massage is usually done on exercise or yoga mats placed on the floor rather than a massage table. There are no massage oils or lotions involved, so clients usually dress in loose, comfortable clothing.



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