Sports Massage

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What types of massage therapy are there?

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a lot like it sounds. It is a treatment type that focuses primarily on facilitating athletic actions. It can be used in preparation of an event or competition, after such an event, during training for competition or in rehabilitation from a sports-related injury.

One of the main uses of sports massage is to make sure muscles do not tighten up or form knots. Knots in muscle can lead to pulls, strains and tears, and obviously pain and discomfort. By keeping muscles relaxed before competition you can avoid injuries during an event. Post-event massage will help to prevent muscles from tightening, causing pain and being unable to compete later.

During training, treatment allows one to maintain extensive workouts and training regimens while minimizing discomfort and risk of injury. And when it comes to rehabilitation of injuries, sports massage helps with range of motion, inflammation and circulation, similar to some other types of massage.

Sports massage has become a major part of professional athletics these days, in everything from Baseball to Mixed Martial Arts. In fact, athletes in combat and other sports that require repetitive motion in either training or competition are perfect candidates for sports massage, even non-professional athletes.



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