What courses are required to become a personal fitness trainer?

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What courses are required to become a personal fitness trainer?

What courses are required to become a personal fitness trainer?

At the Cortiva Institute, the anatomy and kinesiology course for a personal fitness trainer covers the skeletal system, joints, and movements throughout the musculoskeletal system. This is taught based on the relationship between movement and exercise, and helps the student understand what occurs in the musculoskeletal system during exercise.

Exercise physiology is an interesting course that examines the activities that occur within the human kinetic chain. This is important for personal fitness trainers as it explains the importance of breathing, heart rate, and energy pathways in the body. In short, this course covers what exchanges occur within the body as it exercises.

The fitness assessment course introduces how to develop a fitness program as a personal fitness trainer. This includes how to perform a basic physiological assessment of a client and create a tailored program based on the fitness assessment.

At the Cortiva Institute, OPT (Optimum Performance Training) and Program and Clinical Design/Theory Application courses help the personal fitness trainer understand the underlying theory in developing fitness programs for clients based on their needs and levels of training.

The Cortiva Institute also offers a course in Nutrition, Behavior, and Professional Development. This course is important for the personal fitness trainer as it examines how nutrition works at the chemical level in the body. This helps to create an understanding of behaviours associated with eating, and develop change plans for clients in nutritional behavior. The Cortiva Institute's course also guides the personal fitness trainer in professional development.

To enroll at Cortiva's massage school Scottsdale, Arizona contact the Cortiva Institute at www.cortiva.comor by telephone at 1-866-Cortiva. At these locations you can become a personal fitness trainer or massage therapist.



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