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what can I learn about Pregnancy Massage Techniques

Learning Pregnancy Massage Techniques

While taking courses at Cortiva Institute, you can learn how to care for the pregnant women that are in need of massage therapy. This includes understanding how to offer safe pregnancy massage techniques for each trimester. Safe and effective techniques include learning hands-on skills on positioning the client, draping the cloth, and massaging the pregnant woman's muscles, joints, appendages, and body. An important part of learning these techniques is to know the precautions that keep women healthy and comfortable during their pregnancy and labor.

Pregnancy massage techniques are an important part of wellness for expectant mothers. Learning how to apply these techniques effectively and safely through position and movements of the fingers, hands, and elbows can alleviate emotional and physical problems that occur during pregnancy, like the stretching of the uterus, an increase in circulatory problems, and severe changes in hormones.

Students of pregnancy massages learn prenatal, postpartum, and infant massage therapy. These techniques are taught in a way that allows for safe client care for both vaginal and cesarean births. The development of a thorough understanding in adapting positions based on client needs and medications is also imperative to learning pregnancy massage techniques.

Where to Study Pregnancy Massage?

Where to Study Pregnancy Massage

The Cortiva Institute has modules and workshops across the nation, so if you have been thinking about a career in the massage therapy field, consider Cortiva.

They have courses, like The Basics of Pregnancy Massage, that give the massage therapist the opportunity to massage a pregnant woman and teach the client positions for the safety of the mother during each trimester of pregnancy. This workshop acts as both an introductory and refresher course, allowing for students to experience safe and effective pregnancy massages. The Basics of Pregnancy Massage workshop is offered in Scottsdale and Tucson, Ariz., King of Prussia, Pa., Boston, Mass. and Chicago, Ill.

The Cortiva Institute also offers a 200-hour Maternity & Infant Massage Program, which is one of the most extensive pregnancy massage programs in the nation for massage therapists. This program includes pregnancy, postpartum, labor support, and infant massage therapy instruction with case studies, scientific evidence, and hands-on training to create skilled Maternity and Infant Massage Specialists. This course is offered in several different locations around the country.

The Cortiva Institute may be adding dates and locations near you, so check out their website at You can also register quickly and easily for your courses at an accredited massage therapy school in your area.

What can I expect from Pregnancy Massage Certification?

Pregnancy Massage Certification

Pregnancy massage certification through an accredited massage therapy school can lead to a better ability to get employed and higher earning power in the massage therapy field. The certification as a specialtist adds an additional component to the massage therapists' portfolio, which is attractive to professional clinics and clients seeking pregnancy massage therapy.

At the Cortiva Institute, the pregnancy massage certification program encompasses several important components. First, upon completion of the module courses, the student will receive a certification as a Maternity and Infant Massage Specialist, in addition to any certifications previously held. Secondly, the program also includes the opportunity to obtain professional certifications with DONA International as a Certified Birth Doula. DONA International certifies men and women to be education companions to pregnant women, offering emotional support and knowledge through the pregnancy and child birthing process. The student can also receive the Infant Massage USA Certified Educators of Infant Massage certificate, which allows the massage therapy graduate to teach about infant massage.

The Maternity and Infant Massage Certificate Program at Cortiva has a large advisory board which oversees the certification and module design process. This board also brings extensive experience in pregnant massage certification through education, research, case study, infant care, and a strong curriculum.

What should I look for in Pregnancy Massage Therapy curriculms?

Pregnancy Massage Therapy Curriculm

Pregnancy massage therapy curriculums should be rich in both practical, hands on experiences in addition to medical knowledge. At the Cortiva Institute, multiple class sessions involve hands on experience with pregnancy massage therapy for pregnant and postpartum women. This also includes their families and infants. Part of the pregnancy massage therapy curriculum involves interacting with the family in a holistic manner that allows for healthier mothers and infants. Case study applications allow a student group to work together and create client assessments and treatment plans based on observation, training, and experiences with medical applications of massage techniques. This allows for refined clinical and critical thinking skills to create a foundation of pregnancy massage therapy theory in the practitioner. The goal is to prepare the students to deal with a wide spectrum of problems that pregnant women suffer from, and to prepare the family for the important relationship building that occurs with infant massages.

Another important concept to consider in pregnancy massage therapy is whether or not the school allows for community interactions. It is important to understand that a masseuse is a health professional and servant of the community, therefore learning how to interact with the community is imperative to building a strong foundation in pregnancy massage therapy. At the Cortiva Institute, community internship sites and clinics allow the student to develop on-the-job skills in real settings with real clients, preparing them to build their own community client base.

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