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How can I develop a successful career in massage therapy?

How can I develop a successful career in massage therapy?

You can develop a successful career in massage therapy by completing an educational training program. In the growing massage therapy industry, it is important that a massage therapist complete an effective massage therapy training program that offers a strong curriculum, including specialization, and allows you to prepare for a career in massage therapy.

It is also important to note that in some states, you can not become a massage therapist unless you pass a licensing exam. Choosing a school is important as it prepares you for the exam as well as a career in massage therapy. Requirements for licensing include between 500-1500 hours of classroom education and certain hours applied to specific areas of massage therapy. However, this may vary by the state's legislation, so it is recommended that you check with the school to ensure that they offer all the hours required for the state you wish to practice in.

To enrol in a program for a career in massage therapy, you must have a high school diploma. In some states you must also be 18 years old. Since a career in massage therapy encompasses anatomy, physiology, psychology, and business, having some postsecondary education in these areas is helpful, but not required. You can find out more about training programs that prepare you for a career in massage therapy at the Cortiva Institute by calling 1-866-CORTIVA.

Can massage therapists careers include working in medicine?

Medical facilities massage therapist jobs

Massage therapy careers can also be found in medical facilities. In rehabilitation centers, massages are used to help patients cope with physical rehabilitation, because it's useful for maintaining blood flow to paralyzed body parts. At nursing homes, massages are used for the elderly to provide calm, physical comfort, and personal contact. This is especially important for elderly persons in nursing homes who may not get other personal contact. In hospitals, massages are used in conjunction with medical treatments for diseases and illnesses; for example, massage therapy can relax a patient undergoing chemotherapy or help people suffering from muscle atrophy.

Massage therapy careers in medical facilities are often based on specialization. Massage therapists can specialize in particular types of ailments, client lifestyle, and form technique. Specialization also creates more opportunities for massage therapist careers, particularly at facilities that deal with specific maladies. For example, a massage therapist specializing in pre- and post- natal care may find a rewarding career in neonatal and obstetrics facilities. Furthermore, certain massage therapy career specializations revolve around the client type, such as the elderly and athletes. If you're looking for a rewarding massage therapist career and want to specialize in a certain area, educational facilities such as the Cortiva Institute can offer you a solid education, continuing education, specialization, and career placement.

Can I work in sports medicine as a massage therapist?

Sports medicines massage therapist jobs

In one massage therapist school, Cortiva Institute, which prepares students for many careers including sports medicine. Massage therapist Brian Smith provided services for 15 swimmers from 5 colleges at the US Olympic Trial Competition held in Omaha, Nebraska. This is just one example of how a sports medicine massage therapist career can be exciting and rewarding!

Sports medicine jobs are highly desired in the massage therapist industry. These careers allow therapists to work with professional teams in alleviating pain and maintaining muscular flexibility and strength. While sports medicine massage therapy jobs pay the highest salaries in the industry, this type of massage therapist career requires extensive travel, strong professional characteristics, and absolute knowledge of the muscular-skeletal system. In sports medicine careers, continuous education is required to maintain licensing.

What kind of massage therapist jobs are at health and fitness facilities?

Health and fitness facilities massage therapist jobs after massage school

After you graduate from massage school at an accredited facility such as the Cortiva Institute, you can begin a massage therapist career at health and fitness facilities nationwide. In fact, most health and fitness facilities will only hire a massage therapist who graduated from an accredited school and received the appropriate licensing.

Health clubs and fitness facilities offer many massage therapist job opportunities. As with any career, you will want to associate yourself with a well known and high-end health or fitness club when possible. However, the reality is that you may begin your career with a budget facility. Massage therapist careers do not have a traditional career ladder; it is your personality, experience, and professionalism that will move you from a budget health and fitness facility to a high-end facility if you choose to go this route. Also remember that most health and fitness facilities hire part-time, rather than full-time, so you may work for more than one facility at a time. It is important that during your career you build relationships with clients and facilities; this way if you choose to run your own massage therapy clinic you already have a strong customer foundation and experience in customer service.

Since you are more employable when employed, it is alright to begin with a budget facility, but to continuously apply for and build relationships with high end facilities. Massage therapy schools like Cortiva Institute can help you overcome the struggle of finding a lucrative massage therapist career in a facility that you are comfortable with and will enjoy working at through their job placement programs.

What are Spa and Health Facility massage therapist jobs like?

Spa and Health Facility massage therapist jobs

Massage therapist jobs in spa and health facilities are available for massage therapy graduates who have received the required State licenses. You can find out more about becoming a massage therapy graduate and gaining licensing at the Cortiva Institute. After you graduate, you will have many opportunities to start a massage therapist career. Spa and health facilities facilities are just one of the available positions in massage therapy jobs.

Holistic centers offer a variety of health and wellness options. These types of facilities often combine health spas, exercise and fitness areas, massage therapy, and other activities, like yoga classes. In these types of full service clinics, clients receive holistic well-being care. Massage therapist jobs in this type of facility can range from high to low incomes, part-time to full-time, and often receive gratuities.

Spas and recreational centers are a great source of massage therapist jobs. High end spas offer complete health packages which often include time with a massage therapist. The majority of spas have part-time massage therapist jobs and pay medium range salaries or hourly pay. Many massage therapist jobs in spas offer private contract positions, where the massage therapist is their own boss but operates within the spa. The massage therapist job can also include being on retainer, which allows the massage therapist to work as needed with a flexible schedule.

Can I find private practice massage therapist jobs?

Private practices massage therapist jobs

Private practice massage therapist jobs are available for educated and licenced massage therapists. Before you decide on this career adventure, contact an accredited facility such as Cortiva Institute to find out if it's the right career for you. In private practice massage therapist jobs, there is an entrepreneurial desire to build strong clientele relationships, maintain innovation in services and continuing education, and to hone your business skills. Private practice massage therapist jobs are often run by licensed massage therapists who want to go into the business of running and maintaining a business clinic. You can choose to own your own private practice or work underneath a private practice owner. Often, many massage therapists will work together under one roof, sharing the expense of leasing and equipment fees. This is considered a private practice co-operative, where each massage therapist is responsible for his or her own business, but can also help and rely on the others.

Private practice massage therapist jobs are best suited for people interested in the business end of clinical ownership. This includes advertising, customer service, bookkeeping, overhead, and maintaining city business licences.

What are my prospects in a massage therapist jobs?

What are my prospects in a massage therapist jobs?

Massage therapist jobs have high prospects, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it is important to remember that job prospects in massage therapy careers have the highest opportunities for persons who have completed massage therapy school at an accredited institute and have achieved State licensures. Not all states require licensure, but the states that don't require it often have the worst-paying jobs. This is because massage therapy is often paid for through employer or health insurance, and insurance companies require licensed massage therapists. Where there is no state licence requirement, there are no insurance-paid mandates, and thus fewer job opportunities. Accordingly, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the majority of states to begin requiring licensures as insurance companies and health providers increase the need for massage therapy careers. Therefore, whether you live in a State that require licensing or not, your best opportunity for current and future massage therapist jobs is to gain a solid education and prepare for licensures through a facility such as the Cortiva Institute to be well prepared for the field and its future.

As with many careers, massage therapist jobs commonly begin at the base and often part-time positions. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that in massage therapist careers, one builds clientele as you work for spas, hotels, hospitals, and physical therapy centers. This allows you to build a client base and referrals. Massage therapy careers are largely based on referrals to find new clients and maintain current clients, in the same manner hair dressers use word of mouth advertising to gain clients. However, as the client base grows, so does the opportunity for increased jobs and income.

What will I earn in a massage therapist career?

What will I earn in a massage therapist career?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that through 2016, massage therapist careers are an above average growth field. The average massage therapist career earns $50,200 per year. The lowest 10% of massage therapist careers earned about $25,000 per year. The middle 50% of wage earners in this field earned between $55,000 and $78,000. The 10% of the highest wage earners in a massage therapist career earned around $80,000 per year. Over a 20 year career, this means you can earn between $700,000 and $1,600,000 lifetime earnings, and that is based on 20 year early retirement.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the majority of massage therapists earn between 10$ and 25$ per hour, where the lowest 10% is found in the minimum wage bracket. The largest wage earners are for massage therapist careers in lucrative industries, such as the medical, clinical, and tourism industries.

Since massage therapist careers already have average high earnings, and is expecting strong growth, individuals with a solid education and hands on experience can expect to be in the higher wage earning bracket. You can achieve a strong education combined with clinical hands on experience at an accredited massage therapy school such as the Cortiva Institute.

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