How to get certified as a personal trainer?

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How to get certified as a personal trainer?

How to get certified as a personal trainer?

You can get certified as a personal trainer at the Cortiva Institute. The 12.5 week course at the accredited Cortiva Institute is 6.5 credit hours, which equals about 100 classroom hours. The course lasts from late August to November and currently is scheduled for two nights per week, however new schedules at the Cortiva Institute may be upcoming. The tuition fee at Cortiva Institute is about the average for accredited personal trainer certification courses at $1850. For many students, the Cortiva Institute offers Financial Aid and scholarships. To find out if you qualify for Financial Aid or scholarships, contact the Cortiva Institute at The course fees include an easy-to-follow textbook with graphs and images. This also includes a separate study guide workbook that will help the certified personal trainer learn through various exercises. DVDs and CDs are included to help the certified personal trainer student study at home and work in conjunction with the textbook and workbook. Finally, at the Cortiva Institute the certified personal trainer courses include hand-on classroom training. The certified personal trainer student can read the theory, examine the study guide, answer questions, and then apply his or her knowledge to the hands on learning. The hands on learning portion of the courses is the most important part of the personal trainer's education. In hands-on training, you will work with your peers and instructor to understand how to conduct fitness exams and create fitness programs. This will enable you to understand not only why certain fitness programs are designed, but how to design these based on your client's needs.



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