Massage Schools In Tampa

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Where can I find massage schools in Tampa Bay area?

Massage Schools In Tampa

If you have been considering attending massage school in the Tampa Bay Area, the Cortiva Institute offers 25 years of experience through the Tampa Bay Massage School. At that Florida area location you can find a Massage Therapy Diploma Programs such as the Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program that will give you a solid foundation in massage therapy.

You can attend an Open House or Massage Basics Course to find out if this is the type of school, and type of career, you want for your lifestyle. The Tampa area school is devoted to high standards of massage therapy education that prepares you for the real world of massage therapy in application and business. The approach is comprehensive, incorporating both science and spirit that will prepare students for successful practices in many different professional settings. The curriculm is based on scientific foundations in anatomy and physiology, as well as theoretical applications of Eastern and Western medicines. Education occurs in combination of hands-on classroom instruction, clinic work and community outreach. After graduation, continued support includes additional learning opportunities such as specialization through continuing education, lectures and workshops.

If you are interested in a free one day workshop or campus tour, contact the Tampa area Cortiva Institute today at:

(727) 541-5200

Cortiva Institute -Tampa

4045 Park Boulevard

Pinellas Park, FL 33781



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