Chicago Massage Schools

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where can i find chicago massage schools?

Chicago Massage Schools

The Cortiva Institute offers the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, which is devoted to raising the bar in massage therapy education and career training. At these Chicago massage schools, the program offers a holistic and hands-on approach to massage. The courses are challenging, and the clinical work experience prepares you for a unique career path. This may mean working in a variety of places, including hospitals and health clubs, or running your own massage therapy clinic. The training and education programs prepare you for licensing exams and your own career.

At the Cortiva Institute, training covers three main areas of study in science, theory, and hands on experience. This includes learning the intricacies of anatomy, physiology, and pathology that are important to clinical practice in massage therapy. This includes learning body mechanics and how to take care of yourself throughout your career. They have an excellent Student Clinic and Community Outreach program that helps you understand and develop relationships with clients and the community so that you can have a lucrative career as a massage therapist. You can contact the Cortiva Institute for a free tour of classes at 1-866-CORTIVA.



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