Deep Muscle Therapy

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What is deep muscle therapy?

Deep Muscle Therapy

Massage techniques in deep muscle therapy are geared towards pain alleviation. Fiberous tissue and muscle injury cause chronic joint and muscle pain. They also are contributors to bad posture, low stability and coordination, and generally impact the well-being of the client. Deep muscle therapy is aimed at relieving chronic pain in the muscle and connective (fiberous) tissues in the body, which leads to better flexibility, increased range of motion, and creates a better feeling of harmony within the client's body. It is important to remember that injury does not always mean a physical accident, sometimes mental anguish and stress can lead to joint and muscle pain, too.

The Cortiva Institute is one school of massage therapy where you can learn to apply this method to help better the lives of people suffering from chronic pain due to these types of injuries. As a student, you would learn how to perform deep muscle massage techniques by encouraging the body's blood and lymph circulations. You would also learn how this can release toxins from the body and help the body self-repair damaged tissue and muscle cells at an anatomical level.

The skills needed for a massage therapist practicing this massage technique include the ability to apply strokes with variant amounts of pressure to stimulate the muscles and tissues beneath the skin.



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