Uses of Massage Therapy Techniques

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what are the uses of massage techniques?

Uses of Massage Therapy Techniques

Massage techniques is one of the oldest forms of therapy practiced throughout the world. In ancient China, massage techniques were practiced over 2,000 years ago to heal pain and paralysis. Interestingly, ancient Egyptian tombs held figurines of massage techniques in practice, so the masseuse could follow the person into the afterlife. In India, massage techniques were used in relation to religious and aromatherapy practices to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Massage techniques were introduced into Western civilization during the 19th century, when Swedish masseuses became popular. In World War 1, massage techniques were used to help soldiers suffering from nerve damage and post-war traumas, such as shell shock. In Africa, massage techniques, along with art and music therapy, have been used on children suffering from post-traumatic stress due to war and violence in some regions, such as the Congo, with positive results.

Today massage techniques are used in a variety of applications, from sports to medicine and stress relief, massages are becoming part of the mainstream practices to alleviate pain, suffering, and increase over-all well-being. Massages are used in clinics, hospitals, spas, hotels, health and fitness facilities, gymnasiums, and private practice. Massage therapy has been used to reduce pain and stress in serious illnesses, such as cancer, AIDS, and fibromyalgia. Massages are also used to reduce stress and help people feel physically comfortable. If you would like to learn more about massage techniques that help people overcome illness and alleviate pain, consider going to massage therapy school at an accredited education facility such as the Cortiva Institute.



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