Massage therapy clinics

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what do I need to know to work in massage therapy clinics?

Massage therapy clinics

Massage therapy clinics hire licenced massage therapists. These facilities offer job security and potential for building a client base. To begin a career at this type of clinic, an accredited school of massage therapy can help you prepare.

First it is important to understand that massage therapy clinics are part of the healthcare profession. This means that the skills needed for a massage therapist include the science of medicine, the theory of massage treatments, and the application of massage techniques. Furthermore, understanding the business and ethical considerations of this fast growing career field are imperative to maintaining a lucrative career and future opportunities.

The skills needed for a massage therapist working in massage therapy clinics include an understanding of body movements. This is how the body uses the musculoskeletal system to create movements that impact posture, stability, and flexibility. Furthermore, a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology is necessary to help promote tissue, membrane, and fluid health inside the body, as well as to prevent injury to the client. Nutrition is also important as it often becomes part of the clients wellness plan, and to help the massage therapist understand what types of foods alleviate and contribute to discomfort and pain. Last, but certainly not least, a massage therapist needs to understand basic and advanced motions of the elbows, fingers, and hands that are used during the massage. This includes the movements and amount of pressure applied, as certain movements and pressures may cause pain or injury while others promote health and healing.



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