Pregnancy Massage Course and Cost

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What do I need to know about pregnancy massage class courses and costs in Philadelphia?

Pregnancy Massage Course and Cost

If you are interested in attending a pregnancy massage class, Philadelphia and other areas nationwide offer specialized training for certified massage therapists. The Cortiva Institute has a comprehensive pregnancy massage training class available for massage therapists that are licensed and have completed at least 500 hours of massage therapy school.

The pregnancy massage course itself contains six required modules for certification. Students accepted into the pregnancy massage program have ten months to complete all six modules, and the modules are scheduled monthly. These monthly schedules help the student to plan and prepare for courses and allows for working students to set their own pace. The first 5 modules must be taken in succession, as each is a perquisite for the next module. However, the sixth module (Community Internship) can be scheduled along with the other modules, or within two months of completing the fifth module.

Cortiva offers several payment options. When paid in full at the time of registration, the pregnancy massage training program is $2,950 after a fifteen percent discount. If you choose to pay monthly, there is no interest fee. The cost of tuition for monthly paying students is $575, for a total of $3,450. When you choose to pay monthly, the first payment is due before the first date of the beginning module's class, and then at the beginning of each consecutive month. Cortiva offers an excellent financial aid program, so you may want to
contact Cortiva at 1-866-Cortiva to discuss applying for financial

Pregnancy massage therapy can add to your future income, career options, and client service relationships. Once you graduate, you will have gained a specialty that allows you to work with midwives, in hospitals, and obstetrics offices. You can also have your own pregnancy massage therapy clinic and reach out to your local community.



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