Pregnancy Massage Therapy Curriculm

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What should I look for in Pregnancy Massage Therapy curriculms?

Pregnancy Massage Therapy Curriculm

Pregnancy massage therapy curriculums should be rich in both practical, hands on experiences in addition to medical knowledge. At the Cortiva Institute, multiple class sessions involve hands on experience with pregnancy massage therapy for pregnant and postpartum women. This also includes their families and infants. Part of the pregnancy massage therapy curriculum involves interacting with the family in a holistic manner that allows for healthier mothers and infants. Case study applications allow a student group to work together and create client assessments and treatment plans based on observation, training, and experiences with medical applications of massage techniques. This allows for refined clinical and critical thinking skills to create a foundation of pregnancy massage therapy theory in the practitioner. The goal is to prepare the students to deal with a wide spectrum of problems that pregnant women suffer from, and to prepare the family for the important relationship building that occurs with infant massages.

Another important concept to consider in pregnancy massage therapy is whether or not the school allows for community interactions. It is important to understand that a masseuse is a health professional and servant of the community, therefore learning how to interact with the community is imperative to building a strong foundation in pregnancy massage therapy. At the Cortiva Institute, community internship sites and clinics allow the student to develop on-the-job skills in real settings with real clients, preparing them to build their own community client base.



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