Pregnancy Massage Certification

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What can I expect from Pregnancy Massage Certification?

Pregnancy Massage Certification

Pregnancy massage certification through an accredited massage therapy school can lead to a better ability to get employed and higher earning power in the massage therapy field. The certification as a specialtist adds an additional component to the massage therapists' portfolio, which is attractive to professional clinics and clients seeking pregnancy massage therapy.

At the Cortiva Institute, the pregnancy massage certification program encompasses several important components. First, upon completion of the module courses, the student will receive a certification as a Maternity and Infant Massage Specialist, in addition to any certifications previously held. Secondly, the program also includes the opportunity to obtain professional certifications with DONA International as a Certified Birth Doula. DONA International certifies men and women to be education companions to pregnant women, offering emotional support and knowledge through the pregnancy and child birthing process. The student can also receive the Infant Massage USA Certified Educators of Infant Massage certificate, which allows the massage therapy graduate to teach about infant massage.

The Maternity and Infant Massage Certificate Program at Cortiva has a large advisory board which oversees the certification and module design process. This board also brings extensive experience in pregnant massage certification through education, research, case study, infant care, and a strong curriculum.



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