Benefits of sports massage therapy

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what are the benefits of sports massage therapy?

Benefits of sports massage therapy

Sports massage therapy has many benefits for the professional, semi-pro, and amateur athlete. The physical effects of sports massage therapy can greatly improve an athlete's health and lifestyle by alleviating pain and reducing potential for injury in several ways.

Stroking movements help move fluid through the circulatory system. As pressure increases in front of the massage therapists stroke, suction is created behind the stroke. This helps repair damaged muscles by increasing a fresh blood and oxygen supply and removing toxins that have built up in the tissue.

Deep massages help to regulate the pores in the fibrous tissues, which increases permeability. This allows for more fluids and nutrients to flow through the tissue. Waste products are removed and new oxygen and nutrients are supplied.

Stretching of the tissues during a massage helps muscle fibers release tension and pressure build up. The massage helps stretch muscles lengthwise and sideways along the natural flow of the circulation and muscle tissues.

The ultimate impact of sports massage therapy is to increase health to the body's internal tissues by improving circulation of blood and nutrients while simultaneously removing toxins that have naturally built up in the athlete's tissues. If you would like to learn more, you can contact an accredited massage school like the Cortiva Institute.



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