Sports massage therapists

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how do Sports massage therapists help athletes?

Sports massage therapists

Sports massage therapists can help athletes in several ways. Recovery is a genre of therapeutic massage that helps the body recover from strain and tears that occur during strenuous exercise. It is geared towards rebuilding muscle while conditioning the body. During recovery, massages improve blood flow and lymph circulation, which helps remove toxins that build up during exercise. The removal of toxins and waste products also helps the muscles absorb more nutrients and increases elasticity, which helps injuries heal faster and relieves muscle pain.

Sports massage therapists may also help prevent over-training syndrome. Over-training syndrome is equivalent to burn-out. Some of the signs are apathy, decreased appetite, increased pain and injury, and sleeping problems. Over-training syndrome happens when the athlete does not allow the body adequate rest and recovery between exercises for extended periods of time. Sports massage therapists can alleviate the symptoms by helping the athlete relax and renew muscles, leading towards a feeling of invigoration rather than exhaustion.

Sports massage therapists have also learned how to assess clients' needs to focus on specific trouble spots, such as areas of previous injury, scar tissue, and generalized pain areas. The sports massage therapist can help repair and maintain these trouble spots by giving them special attention so that the sports enthusiast can focus on becoming a better athlete. If you are interested in learning more about sports massage therapists, contact the Cortiva Institute--they can help athletes and potential students discover the benefits and methods of sports massages.



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